Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Offers a wide range of wireless penetration testing services, from security tests of standard corporate Wi-Fi networks to assessments of specialized wireless solutions. For corporate Wi-Fi deployments, our consultants identify wireless exposures using techniques including information gathering, traffic sniffing, and authentication bypassing. Also offers custom research services and security evaluations for technologies including wireless IPS, wireless payment devices, and other solutions.

During a Wireless Attack and Penetration, our experts will take a wireless footprint of the target environment to identify all access points that belong to your organization. More importantly, the encryption types used across the wireless environment are determined at this time. Key targets are selected for attack. If unencrypted networks are observed, clear-text transmissions can be sniffed and reassembled in an attempt to identify user credentials and sensitive information.

Our experts may initiate several attacks depending on the wireless environment. If weak protocols are discovered, active attacks will be run in an attempt to break the encryption on the affected networks. These attacks can include man in the middle (MitM) attacks, brute force attacks, session hijacking, and mass de-authentication. If your organization's network is found to be using Enterprise authentication, our experts will perform tests against the wireless clients themselves in order to determine if these devices are being configured properly.

If our experts achieve access to your organization's wireless environment, an assessment is performed on the network’s endpoints. Checks are made for proper segmentation between corporate and guest wireless networks and the hardline network. Our experts will progress into the network as vulnerabilities are identified. Our experts will exploit critical exposures to determine the extent of the access that could be achieved by a legitimate attacker.

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