Source Code Security Auditing

During a source code security audit, our experts manually inspect the source code of your new or existing application for security weaknesses. This service includes:

  • Review of authentication, authorization, session and communication mechanisms
  • Identification of programming-related issues such as buffer overflows
  • Identification of input and output related vulnerabilities
  • Review of third-party libraries
  • Security validation of cryptographic functions and routines

Techniques to secure code review:

Generally, we can divide the secure code review process into two different techniques:
  • Automated tool based/ Black Box: In this approach, the secure code review is done using different open source/commercial tools. Mostly developers use them while they are coding, but a security analyst may also take help of them. Tools are useful in analyzing large codebase (millions of lines). They can quickly identify potential insecure pieces of code in the code base, which may be analyzed by the developer or a security analyst.
  • Manual/ White Box: In this technique, a thorough code review is performed over the whole code, which may become a very tedious and tiresome process. But in this process, logical flaws may be identified which may not be possible using automated tools, such as business logic problems.

So the best approach will be a mix of both, depending on the volume and criticality of data. In today’s world where many complex applications are developed, we can’t ignore any of the above mentioned techniques.

Benefits of Secure code review:
  • Effort benefit
  • Cost benefit
  • Compliance
  • Reputation

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